§ The solar eclipse is tomorrow. Work this week was all preparation punctuated by anxiously refreshing the weather forecast. All signs point to clouds tomorrow but hey, lets not dwell on that.

§ You know how last week I said I didn’t want to commit to reading any new books because I have so many unfinished books already? Well, I started—and finished!—Robin Sloan’s 2020 short story Annabel Scheme and the Adventure of the New Golden Gate.

Sloan’s writing has a certain lightness—an openness to imagination, a belief that all of the world’s mysteries can be solved though curiosity and adventure—that I find endearing. I loved Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore for the same reason. I’m hopeful his new book will be a continuation of the theme.

§ Shōgun just keeps getting better. All rainy and tense with violence simmering just below all of the restrained formalities.

§ I’ve been watching just an inexcusable amount of Waldemar Januszczak recently. If you would like to join me, here is my suggestion: don’t look at the titles, just click on a video at random. The magic trick is that he is able to breathe life into the most mundane-seeming topics. You’ll suddenly find yourself intrigued by Dobson’s faces or fascinated by the inner lives of Gainsborough’s patrons.

§ I moved to a new office on the third floor. It is making it hard to stick to my policy of Always Take The Stairs but so far I’ve been holding strong.

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