§ Happy Easter

§ I started some groundcherry seeds again, after finding no success with them last year. The other big new experiment this year—other than jostaberry and garlic—is asparagus. I’m looking forward to hopefully having a perennial supply of the odd gangly vegetable. Coincidentally, this was the same week I started all of my seeds last year.

§ I’m beginning to think bay leaves might be a placebo or some elaborate culinary prank.

§ After watching Kenji’s videos for a long time, I finally bought a copy of his book. It made for a nice excuse to spend a bunch of time at the local Asian markets sourcing all of the necessary ingredients. I tried two of the recipes, sichuan-style green beans and gong bao ji ding, which tasted great but filled my kitchen with a noxious capsaicin-infused smoke. I quite literally pepper sprayed myself. I’ve already dog-eared ten more recipes I want to try as soon as possible.

§ I know 3 Body Problem got mixed reviews so I was reluctant to give it a chance. I’m glad I ultimately did. I think it was unequivocally good from start to finish. I would say that I’m interested in reading the book now but 1) I’ve accepted the fact that I don’t have a good track record for finishing books and 2) I have enough to read in the queue already.

§ A podcast reminded me of Modest Mouse, a band I hadn’t listened to since high school. “Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine” has got to be among the greatest opening tracks of all time. It feels reminiscent of the immediate contagious energy that instantly hooked me on 3D Country a couple of months ago.

§ We’re just over a week away from the solar eclipse and I am still trying to get a good understanding of how much madness to expect. What I do know is that hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected in northeast Ohio and I happen to work at the place that is hosting, quite possibly, the largest celebration for the event.

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