§ I got a bunch of seeds planted and set up under grow lights in the basement.

Here is what I am starting with: cherry tomatoes, Cherokee purple tomatoes, purple & green tomatillos, shishito peppers, jalapeño peppers, Thai chili peppers, snap peas, and Thai basil.

I am also starting some herbs and salad greens directly in the cold frame outside.

Finally, I am trying to grow oyster mushrooms for the first time. Stay tuned for how that turns out.

§ Despite deconstructing and moving the entire greenhouse to another location in my yard, I was able to finish the framing, the roof, and a couple of the walls. It has been really exciting watching this project finally come together. All that is left is to finish the walls and the doorway.

§ I have been rewatching Succession in preparation for season 4 and I found I am enjoying it much more this time around. Maybe give it another try if you are in the same boat.

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§ Recipes

  • Baked feta pasta
    • I am excited to make this recipe again in the summer once my garden begins overwhelming me with cherry tomatoes
  • Miso glazed salmon
    • Not a fan of this recipe. It could have easily been something I did wrong, though.