§ I harvested our first sugar snap peas and strawberries of the season. There isn’t much, this early in the season, but eating something you’ve grown yourself is always a great feeling.

§ While sawing down tree branches a few weeks ago I set aside a couple of the larger branches, intending to use them to make a cat tree.

I finally got started building it this week!

I chose one of the branches, stripped off all of its bark, and wrapped the base in a thick green jute. The cats have already taken some interest in it.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is attached to a 16” round base plate that is, I’ve come to find out, nowhere near sturdy enough. It looks like I’ll need to learn how to pour concrete to make it new base for it all.

§ I saw two movies, Blackberry and Tetris, which feels like two different takes on the same general premise: ”Follow a scrappy upstart technology company as they risk everything to bring their vision to life.”

There was something endearingly quirky about Tetris that I found really fun. Instead of using chapters, the film was broken out into “levels” with funky pixel art animations preceding each one. In comparison, Blackberry was conventional—a modest retelling of an interesting story rather than an interesting retelling of a modest story.

§ …Speaking of blackberries

The blackberry bush I planted last year is doing amazingly well. I never expected it to come back this spring with such a vengeance. It is already at least eight feet tall and is covered in dozens of tiny white blossoms.

It is doing so well, in fact, that I decided to buy another raspberry bush after loosing two of them to a mysterious disease last summer. Fingers crossed it fairs better this year.

§ I would love to play an alternative “roguelike” version of The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom.

§ Links

§ Recipes

  • Gluten free pierogis
    • Amazing. One of the easiest gluten free doughs to work with.
  • Sauteed morel mushrooms
    • Ever since unexpectedly getting way into mushrooms this spring, I have been looking forward to trying morels for the first time. Well, I was so excited when I finally found a bag of freshly picked morels at my usual grocery store. After finally getting the opportunity to try them it was, overall, a rather upsetting experience. Take a look at the third paragraph under the “cleaning morels” heading above if you are curious to know why—gross!