§ Lot of experiments with projection mapping this week. MadMapper is such fun, powerful, mature software. I spent a solid few hours just playing around with the real-time audio reactivity features Friday afternoon.

The one big downside is that it only runs on MacOS and Windows. I have a hard time trusting either operating system to run headless for a long time without requiring occasional intervention. Nevertheless, I think I’m going to make heavy use of it for my next exhibition.

§ OpenAI announced a video generator, Sora, hot on the heels of Google’s Lumiere model. Right off the bat, I have to say OpenAI’s sea turtle is way more impressive than Google’s.

These new video models still have some of the fun surprise moments that AI images generators used to have back in the GAN days but, overall, OpenAI, Google, and other large AI labs are all waiting to publicize their work until it is much more polished. It is an understandable decision but kind of disappointing too. Unpredictably spurs creativity.

§ My new passport arrived in just under a month—I’m pleasantly surprised.

§ Following the recommendation of James Reeves I started reading The North Water. The language is visceral, grimy, and raw in a way that keeps reminding me of Ulysses.

§ Last year, after Apple introduced the Vision Pro, I said the EyeSight feature was “the defining innovation” of the headset. I want to put another stake in the ground now that the headset is out in the world and say that I still stand by that statement. Yes, the outward facing display has lower fidelity and is much darker than Apple’s marketing lets on but I think it is still a crucial feature. Meta’s Quest 3 looks silly, like a chunky plastic blindfold, in comparison.

§ The opening credits of True Detective: Night Country continue to be the best part of the show. Everything else… eh.

§ Caroline and I went out for a walk along Lake Erie on Saturday and left with icy ears and chilly driftwood as souvenirs.