§ Now that we’ve finally had some nice weather, I have been able to measure that, on sunny days, the greenhouse is consistently 15-20 °F warmer than the average outdoor temperature.

The next step is to work on insulation since, right now, all of that extra warmth dissipates almost immediately once the sun sets.

§ I’ve started reading—or, more accurately, listening to—Corey Doctrow’s new book Red Team Blues. Aside from a vague self-righteousness from the protagonist that rubs me the wrong way, I have found the book unbelievably fun so far.

In the past, dry audiobook recordings have made it hard for me to absorb content as fully as I would if I were reading. Wil Wheaton’s energetic and unorthodox performance here was just what I needed. I can’t wait to finish it.

§ I finally got access to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin which gives ChatGPT the ability to execute the code it writes. It is all extremely impressive.

In one of my first tests, ChatGPT initially wrote buggy code that resulted in a runtime error and it was able to detect the error, fix the bug, and re-execute the program all without any intervention on my part.

§ We had ten more yards of compost delivered on Monday, after going through five less than a month ago.

There is something meditative about filling a wheelbarrow by the shovelful while you watch the pile steadily shrink. It is a great way to get a little bit of exercise and a lot of sunlight. Caroline and I spent our afternoons doing just that, dispersing more than half of it throughout the garden beds before the weekend.

§ Speaking of the weekend… Caroline and I visited Fallingwater on Saturday! The guided tour was certainly worth it but the best part was freely wandering the grounds afterwards. There is a reason the house was built in that location; it is gorgeous.

§ Oh, and I got engaged!

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